When I was starting my health journey 2+ years ago, I decided to begin by changing my diet. Since I was 14, I adopted a high carb diet that saw me often go through extreme restriction followed by extreme binging. This decimated my metabolism. Aside from that, I was also increasingly anxious about my overall health and no longer wanted to take a backseat approach to my personal nutrition. I really wanted to change my life, and I wanted to do it in a sustainable way that was also healthy for my body and mind. In 2019, the Ketogenic Diet gained a lot of traction amongst the circles I was interacting with. This diet is a high fat low carb diet that switches your body from using glucose as your main fuel source to using fats which are converted to ketones for energy. With this switch, your body utilises a more stable supply of energy because once it uses up the fat you consume, it turns to using the fat that you have stored- hence enabling you to lose weight. To be frank, the major appeal of this diet was that it promised weight loss with minimal effort. This is the exact same strategy that all other quick fix programmes utilise. Though I was attracted to the idea of instant fat loss, I decided to dedicate the first month to research only. I did so because though I was drawn to the idea of easy weight loss, I was 1000% sure that this would not be the case. Even so, I was still eager to try this diet, but wanted to do so in a healthy way. To bolster my new food lifestyle, I read lots of articles and watched tons of videos analysing the current nutritional values globally, why the ketogenic diet works, how it works and what to expect along the way when embarking on this process. The information I got was key to me understanding how I could best navigate this diet, how to avoid the trappings of instant gratification and really reframed my understanding of food and its impact on my body and mind. This post therefore details how I approached the ketogenic diet, examines the pros and cons of being keto and gives some advice to those interested in embarking on a new diet or lifestyle approach.